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Grand Cru
Colored almond paste for modeling

Conditorei Jensen becomes BENDELL Berliner Marzipan

What will change? Only the name ! Inside the box is still our award-winning marzipan in the well known qualityThat is what we represent and now with our name. We hope you enjoy baking, snacking and decorating! Your Bendell team from Berlin

Welcome to Bendell Berliner Marzipan

We are the experts for marcipan products and other delicious sweets. We cater a wide variety of products for baking, creating figures, or just for enjoying its fine taste.

Product quality and product safety are in the centre of our doing. All our articles are manufactured according to IFS 6 an HACCP. All our ingredients are selected carefully prior to the production process.

We understand ourselves as an innovative trading partner with thorough product know-how. We develop new products, which pleased our customers in a high degree.

No 1

Fine almond raw paste
<p>Premium Quality with 54% almonds</p>

Grand Cru

5 stars ***** Premium Quality
<p>Almond raw paste <span>with 62% almonds</span></p>


Almond paste for modeling

High quality with 38% almonds

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